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Best Man
Wedding Jokes
Once the joy of being asked to be the "Best Man" at your mates wedding has passed you may then feel some serious apprehension when you realise that at the actual wedding you are expected to make a speech. For some this will invoke a feeling of complete terror! Some have never made a speech before in their whole life. Do not worry here we offer a step by step guide about how you can train those butterfly's you feel in the pit of your stomach and deliver a great humorous and enjoyable speech for your friends
Health Benefits Of Laughing
I would like to see a healthy person going for a day without laughter. That is not possible unless you do not interact with people or social media. Every day there is something to make you laugh, but did you know the benefits of laughing to your body? They say that laughter is a medicine. After exploring its benefits, we will be able to either approve or disapprove the statement made by my grandmother.
It relieves stress- having a stressful day or idea can be relieved by laughter. It is not like laughter is going to solve whatever it is that was stressing you, no. laughter will make you forget the problem at the moment and when it comes back to your mind, you will easily get a solution. When stressed it is good to take a break and look for something funny to laugh about.
It is a sign of goodwill- can you imagine if you were having some fun with friends, but you do not laugh with them? Laughing with friends and family shows that you do not wish anything bad for them. Well, there are fake smiles and giggles yes, but when it is real, you cannot hide it.
It reduces the chances of blood pressure- this disease is among the top killing diseases especially in third world countries. Did you ever imagine you can reduce the chances of getting blood pressure just by a mere laugh? It comes around when you are stressed and can lead to stroke. When you laugh, you don’t get to be stressed often. Stress is part of life, but minimizing it is very helpful.
Helps in breathing- especially after a very hard laugh, you usually take a very deep breathe. It opens up your lungs and maintains good air from in and out of your body.
It enhances concentration- sitting behind a desk for more than six hours a day without a break and six days a week can interfere with the quality of your work. This is why we have lunch breaks and tea breaks at our offices at least to interact with other staff members and make some funny jokes. When you go back to your work table, you find that you are doing more than you actually expected.
It reduces anxiety- this is from a confession by one person. He was so anxiety over, only he knows what, but he says that after watching a comical show, his anxiety was completely healed and till now, he is as healthy as he was before never before, and has never failed to watch the show since then.
Are all those benefits not medicinal? Turns out my grandmother was very correct. Now, it is upon you to get up, interact, and make friends and laugh. Even if you are not a sociable person, every day we have funny clips and articles trending all over the internet. A day should not end without at least ten laughter. That is my idea, not scientifically proven.
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