Dad Jokes are often Stupid, Funny,and Ridiculous but You cant help having a Laugh or a Smile, Please Enjoy Have a laugh or a giggle on us. It might improve your health and it certainly wont harm it.
Medical Research has shown clearly that laughter has a beneficial effect on peoples health. Whether depressed or physically sick a Good Laugh or giggle may improve your health. It certainly wont do any harm.
Even though I am now 73 years old I still remember cringing at some of the stupid jokes my Dad used to tel us. Often he told us the same joke multiple times. Occasionally the same joke was modified slightly and had a bit of a twist but as usual it was so silly we all laughed. I think back to these enjoyable moments and become even more determined to inflict humour and embarrassment on my grand children. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to hear a groan and Oh Grandpa you are getting worse followed by a little giggle. Sometimes I hear them telling the jokes to their friends.
This makes me smile!
When I send my grand kids a Dad Joke
(I usually send a joke by text every day) they groan and moan saying wonderful things like Grandpa should be put in a home. My youngest daughter who is almost 40 is suggesting an Intervention but if they dont get a text with a new funny for a few days they call me on the  telephone to ask if I am OK.
Even their father and mother have a little smile so that makes it all worthwhile. In todays world life can be very challenging so Laughter can Help a Lot
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Laughter is the Best Medicine - The Healing Power of Laughter
Do you laugh enough every day? Research proves that a newborn baby laughs at least 300 to 400 times every day. Nevertheless, an adult barely has time to have a sincere laugh nowadays. As we grow, we are more likely to get hectic with our own issues and problems, worry and stress are more likely to take over. Thus, we had disremembered how to laugh from the bottom of our stomach as we did when we were kids.
Stress in Daily Lives
Stress is a serious aspect that controls a lot of aspect of our lives. It could impact our psychological and physical health. It could also contribute to all types of health issues like heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, ulcers, insomnia, and so much more. It could also impact your performance at work and at home.
Did you know that laughter is an awesome stress buster? Some of the obvious benefits of laughing include:
⦁ Laughter distracts your feelings away from shame, guilt, anger, and more so, your concentration is shifted from negative feelings to positive ones.
⦁ It is a great internal workout. A good belly laugh exercises your diaphragm, the heart, and the abdominal muscle. You feel more relaxed at the same time.
⦁ It results in an emotional and physical release. Most individuals cry at the end of a great laugh. You will find a good sense of freedom from all your bottled-up emotions. They feel a purified feeling after a healthy laugh.
⦁ It improves your immune system by boosting the release of antibodies.
⦁ It boosts the level of health-improving hormones like endorphins.
⦁ Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine.
As you can see, laughter plays a critical role in your well-being. It can heal and make you feel healthier, so you will feel refreshed and regain your strength to continue with your life. Several of the medical advantages of laughter are pain relief, increased immunity, enhanced blood circulation, an increase in the sense of well-being because of the release of endorphins (known as the feel-good hormones), and more.
Tips to Increase the Effects of Laughter
Now that you understand the good impacts of laughter, why don’t you increase your laugher level with the following tips and tricks:
1. Research shows that faked laughter has good benefits on one’s health. Fake laughter might result in genuine laughter and smiles. You could call it a laughter medicine.
2. There are more worries in life. Rather than concentrating on them, why don’t you try to laugh at them? Complain less and laugh more.
3. You can watch extremely hysterical movies on TV or go to humorous movies and enjoy a belly-full of laughter with your family or friends. That’s better than watching serious movies on war and romance. Why not have a laughter challenge along with your friends and family.
4. Make it a point to read joke books, watch funny quotes, or laughter quotes before you go to bed. Doing this will help you relax and have a sound sleep.
Always remember that a happy mind results in a happy soul and body. So try to be happy always and laugh each day of your life!